More Mathematical Astronomy Morsels

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More Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, by Jean Meeus discusses a wide range of celestial configurations, cycles, and curiosity that Roger Sinnott observed in his Foreword to the first Morsels were "things almost impossible to find by paging through almanacs or scrolling through time with a computer's planetarium program."

Some of these new subjects have been suggested by readers and friends, while others were inspired by actual (sometimes fictive) astronomical events, such as the so-called brightest Full Moon of December 1999, the recovering of asteroid Albert in May 2000, the long-duration lunar eclipse of July 2000, or the coming perhelic oppositions of Mars in August 2003.

Altogether 75 different subjects are covered under six categories: The Moon, Eclipses and Occultations, Planetary Motions, Planetary Phenomena, On the Celestial Sphere, and Varia.

More mathematical Astronomy Morsels